Friday, 29 January 2010

Omnia Vanitas

Girl Crush!!
Un: That red lipstick is so sexy. But of course, for maximum effect, one is required to have pale skin.
Duex: Dr Martens look crazy cool on that pair of city legs. Boots and leggings go together like shampoo and conditioner. Its true.
Trois: That Milan tomboy looks AMAZING in her military jacket and shiny shoes. If she was a boy, I would swoon. But since she's a girl, I'll pretend I didn't. The Sartorialist will never get something like this wrong. Real people. Real streets. Real style. Real-ly crush-tastic.

Sometimes, I feel like everything really is vanity. Omnia Vanitas. But I'm sure most of the time we don't mean it to be.

Take time to watch/listen to the links. They are LOL-ing machines, I promise. TGIF, so come back down when Monday comes around.

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