Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Only In Theory

Boys are very good at blowing hot air about their bravado. But this winter, the trophy for bravery goes to all the girls donning little dresses and leggings out in -16ºC. Now, the question still remains: how do these girls do it? My friend and I have come up with a little idle theory we call The Don't-Listen-To-What-Your-Mind-Says Theory. Fundamentally, this theory requires the subject to not listen to what their mind says. So you think your mind knows what it's doing right? Chances are not likely. Your mind only knows knowledge as a direct result of what you have conditioned it to know. So, if we follow this somewhat quasi-reverse psychology train of thought, girls can convince themselves that it's really not as cold as the mind tells us it is. And thus, explains how girls do what they do in the winter. Voilà! What can I say? We all want to be heroes.

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