Sunday, 21 February 2010

Battle Royale: Selena vs Demi

We know they can sing and are both very pretty. I hate to do this (only a little), but they had it coming -what with them being BBFs and all. Because we all know best friends are prime targets for comparisons. And it doesn't help at all that they share the same careers. It's definitely nothing personal. So here-go, the source: their music videos.

I have 2 words: trying way too hard. What is with all her unnecessary wardrobe change? She should have stuck to one look. It seems like she was trying to prove how good she was at being schizophrenic. I personally have issues with ensemble numero tres. That pink outfit was close to sending me back to kneeling before the porcelain god of bulimia and hangovers. Plus, she looked pretty awkward flailing her arms about. It just doesn't seem natural contrary to her song. Touché.

Get Back by Demi Lovato from Camila Tapia on Vimeo.

Demi, sold her persona with conviction. I could believe you if you told me that she was a rock chick. And, I give her props for working that pair of red gloves as her only standout accessory. Plus, what seems like a lack of effort in getting her hair done managed to pass off as a part of her character building. How cool is that? Now, if only she didn't star in that horrid Disney accident of a movie, Camp Rock..

I'm giving this round to Demi for making me want to like her. And just for laughs, I'm throwing in a link to Miley Cyrus's Party In The USA. She deserves brownie points for managing to be successfully transitioned from Disney into Hollywood. I don't have a problem with her looking slutty in her crude attempt to be sexy. Miley is just trying to fit in with the rest of Hollywood. If you think about it, almost every girl dresses like that in this Western World. Poor Miley, It's not her fault we all love finding people to hate.

Its back to school Monday folks! Lets look lively.
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