Saturday, 6 February 2010

A Little Bragging Rights

Friday was a BIG deal for a lot of us at school for multiple different reasons. Assignments to be handed in, International week to be wrapped up, a Guinness World Record to break, meetings with the Dean's awards office to conclude, just to name a few. And, to top it all off, Friday was an absolutely gorgeous day.

I dropped by on my way to the awards committee meeting. We've got spirit, Yes We Do. We're Green and Gold! So how about you?!

In other news, International week '10 was PHE-NO-MENAL. I've actually also had the opportunity to listen to some of the speakers featured in past I-weeks found in this video. Let me just say, the poetry rap in October last year (from the Ernesto Che Guevara Festival) about revolution made me cry. Yes, It was that good.

All that on a Gorgeous Friday. What were you up to?

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