Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Our Evil Plan Is Working..

If you make a decision to act irrationally, does that make you an irrational person? And therefore liable to be taken into the care of the state; henceforth losing your right to your liberty in choice of action? I'd say that's incorrect on so many levels. First, you need to be rational to make a decision to act irrationally. Second, what one person see as irrational could pass of as a quirk attributed to an individual. Third, judgement on a quirk cannot lead to the loss of liberty if the action does not extend harm to the life, liberty, and/or property of another person. According to Lockean logic anyways.

Here-go, the best part of my day today thanks to the very clever boys in class. Some parts might not be exact, but the essence of the discussion remains intact nonetheless.
Lucas: Just because I have idiosyncratic tendencies, like rubbing mayonnaise on my head, doesn't make me irrational.
Dan: That act is pointless and wasteful of a commodity. And therefore irrational.
Lucas: I am not wasting a commodity. I am using a commodity, just not in the normal way that the rest of society has dictated it to be correct.
Chris: Do you enjoy it though?
Lucas: Yes.
Chris: Then that is perfectly rational. You're rational in making that choice to rub mayonnaise on your head because you have a gain in the end and it doesn't impose on the life, liberty, or property of another person no matter how pointless someone else sees it to be.
Class was brilliant today. It's time to get your nerd on folks.

In the same breath, I would like to take this opportunity to tease Hannah and Krissy as they head back to Australia for school somewhere within the next week. If only we really sang and danced this way whenever we gotta go back to school again, I don't think we'd have mind it half as much.

Gotta Think Pink! Have a safe flight. And don't forget the pixie dust..
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