Monday, 1 February 2010

Walk, Chalk, And Talk

Returning from the Holiday Season always inspire me to own shoes that walked more than they talked. And as if that is not enough, the small feet on these legs make for hard negotiations with adult sizes. But all things considered, selecting from the children's shelves are not half that bad.
Eco friendly shoes made of recycled materials are always a boost to the self-assessment when it comes to the eco conscious mind now that Green Is The New Black.
Check out these Bensimon shoes. These are not children's shoes, but they look fantastic. And from the hallowed whispers that loudly escapes the lips of experienced users, this pair is apparently as comfortable as it appears to be. I'm definitely jumping onto this bandwagon.
I think it's almost definite that baby brothers influence my palate as much as I teach him garbage. This ladybug design not only reminds me of the confusion ladybugs caused my poor brother  -are they girls?- but it also looks convincingly comfortable to walk in.
Versace kids design is surprisingly pretty. But, that is not to say it is entirely original. Versace's looks dangerously close to Converse's designs. Its comfort level: highly questionable. 

I feel a shopping trip a cometh.

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