Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Big Green

I was smaller back then when I wished I'd been born American to establish potatoes as my diet's staple. But now that I've grown a little and found out how potatoes made it's way into the USA staple, I can't seem to shake off the incredible bias I have towards Ireland.

A short history lesson would have you know that potatoes came from Peru, were brought to Europe, massively cultivated in Ireland, and came to USA with the Irish. And this little fact is so tasty to me, I feel terribly overwhelmed just thinking about it for the past 6 hours. Amidst all the leprechauns, hills, pot-o-golds, clovers, step dancing, Celtic myths, penny whistles, rain, and potatoes, I miss the green. And nothing better embodies green than Ireland.

It's St. Pat's this week. Are we excited?
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