Friday, 5 March 2010

Matters Of The Heart

I wonder a lot for someone supposedly swamped with assignments. But lets not get distracted here. My predicament today is with the smart guy that came up with the metaphors of having a heartache, or a stolen heart, or any one of those follow-your-hearts get up. The reality is that emotions have nothing to do with the heart. The heart's only function is to beat. Every emotion ever conceived by Man is of the mind. So, by logic, the only thing anyone can follow is the head. It always sends me into wild confusion when I'm told a person's heart can be crushed by former loves, etceteras (assuming here that former loves are not psychotic serial killers). And for anyone confused about the depression you feel after being disappointed, depression is not an illness of the heart, but of the head. So really, you fall in love with all your mind, not your heart. It doesn't quite roll off the tongue, I know. My guess is that we love drama too much to care about what I'm talking about here.

"Fell In Love With A Girl" Jammin' from Chris Worthington on Vimeo.

Chris Worthington makes my day everyday. Because everybody deserves a study break. I must be fine 'cos my heart's still beating now.. What do you get up to on your study breaks?

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