Monday, 1 March 2010

O Canada


Who says Canada hasn't got any national pride? According to the Canucks here, Canadians unite for two reasons: BEER and HOCKEY. And what's better, they say, is when you get to drink beer and watch hockey, or watch hockey while drinking beer. Or play hockey while making plans to drink beer. It's basically the permutations between any activity involving the two objects in question. The whole of Canada rejoiced when they claimed the Hockey Olympic Gold 2010. Surely nothing can be as sweet as passion in victory. And Canadians being Canadians, they invited everyone to be proud of Canada. I think it curious that an outsider like me should unsuspectingly be proud of Canada winning that gold. I can't help it, these Canucks are too polite for you to have any envy brewing. Knowing Canadians, they'd probably tell you to brew some beer instead. Tough luck USA. Maybe next time eh?

I thought this video was pretty sweet. And so concludes the Olympics. Well done Canada and all other participating countries in 2010's Winter Olympics, Vancouver.
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