Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Girls With Glasses

Hi all! I am so mental after pulling an all-nighter thinking about political things. That'll teach me to leave things till last minute. But who are we kidding here anyways? Nobody ever actually "learn" to stop leaving it till the last minute do they? Not me, that's for sure.

I am almost hysterical with the knowledge that I've only got till friday to attempt any form of dramatic suicide (which probably won't happen on account that I'm too busy cramming odd objects into my head).

Anyways, here's a random thought that just came to me begging to be blurted out in this post. I've worn glasses for more than 80 percent of my life. And people find it odd that I haven't gotten used to contacts yet. Truth is, I hate contacts. I love hiding my face behind my glasses. Call me nerdy, but that's just how I roll. Not to mention that it makes me look smarter. You know what they say, if you can't make it, fake it. Haha!

So check out the theme song to The Girls With Glasses. Don't you just love it? I love it. The song. The lyrics. The glasses. The dresses. The girls. The stop motion. AH!

I Am A Girl - The Girls With Glasses Theme Song from The Girls With Glasses on Vimeo.

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