Monday, 10 May 2010

But What Does That mean?

Before I get to the gist of Monday's post, let me just comment on how mind bogglingly boring 3 hours of a monotonous voice combined with excessive stalling is. I'm wrought with fear that I might forget Mr Professor's previous word before he gets to his next. Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration on my part, but I really do wish the Sir would speak faster.

I'm also taking the sneaky opportunity here to insert stills from Lauri's video. She's so cute and lovely. Je t'aime beaucoup!!

Today's post will be slightly different in that it's not exactly a notation of thoughts per se, but an enquiry of sorts. A friend and I were watching A Rocket To The Moon's music video for Mr. Right earlier today. And I don't mean to sound stupid, but I have no idea what the video means or if it's by any means reflective of the lyrics (and by I, I mean we). I adore their songs, but this video I just don't get. Perhaps all the symbolisms in it are too abstract for me. If someone understands it, please be kind and enlighten me. It would please me so.

My girl friend's got a boyfriend, funny
He doesn't make a dime all day
And all her girl friends' boyfriends make money
What more can I say?
It's true, he never made it through a day of school
The only thing he studied was you
He knows your body better than you do.

Maybe I'm your Mr. Right
Baby, maybe I'm the one you like
Maybe I'm a shot in the dark
And you're the morning light
Maybe this is sad but true
Baby, maybe you've got nothing to lose
You could be the best of me
When I'm the worst for you.

My girl friend's got a boyfriend, running 
To catch the bus to meet
To meet up with the boyfriend's girlfriend who's stunning
She's such a sight to see
It's true, the moment he laid eyes on you he knew
The only wish he wanted came true
He knows he's lucky that he met someone like you.
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