Monday, 17 May 2010

Can I Borrow Your Notes?

If you are wondering, I sit in the second row. Yes, falling asleep is a problem, but at least I have good intentions. Haha! Here are some of the things this Spring that's keeping me awake in class.

1. Snacks
The thought of lunch is the only thing that keeps me in deniable excitement for 3 hours.

2. Justin's mad typing skills on his mac
I'm a little more old school with my pen-to-paper technique, but it is really Justin's non-stop typing that keeps me conscious enough to have things written down.

3. Online comics

They keep things lively. But if Mr Professor catches you in a snicker, the next question to be answered pretty much has your name written all over it. Bless these small classes of Spring Term!

4. Caffeine

I'm more of a red bull drinker, but here's how the logic goes:
Coffee enters Justin » Justin types his fingers silly » Khai is too annoyed to sleep » Khai is forced to take notes » Ta da!

5. Doodling
Otherwise known as daydreaming on paper.

6. Annoying Justin with philosophical questions
I know he secretly wishes he knew the answers. Haha!

7. Think about funny things.. that happened yesterday

I love The Big Bang Theory. Nerdtastic! (but of course, Sheldon would absolutely disapprove of a word that does not technically exist.)

Now, excuse me while I prepare for a debate I'm clearly not ready for (seeing that I have 5 chapters to read by tomorrow). Awesome isn't it? See y'all when I start to breathe again! Goodbye.
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