Thursday, 13 May 2010

Cats Are Not Kittens


This boy just made me like a song I didn't. Over 6 million views on youtube -that's crazy. How is it that a 12 year old boy can have a voice like that, and Justin Bieber is the one making millions with every schoolgirl wanting to do "naughty things" to him? Despite talent, little boys should really just stay in school because there is still so much to learn and experience before you can start singing about them.

Anyways, there are more important things to talk about right now. People need to know that most cats are lactose intolerant. They don't digest milk very well, if at all, and thus should not be punished for it by society's cliched portrayal of cats licking out of a pan of milk. Your cat will thank you by not leaving loose stools and little cute piles of vomit around the house for you to diligently curse at. Being irritated by your own ignorance should be more embarrassing than it appears to be. Shame on you for blaming the cat.

On a relatively unrelated point, don't you think it's just adorable how this cat's headquarters is an old generation iMac? How brilliant.

I just want Thursday to be over with. Come on Friday, we're all waiting.
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