Tuesday, 4 May 2010

I'm Sure It's Listed Somewhere


Inspired by the 1000 Awesome Things blog -and my friend's curious inclination to make lists - we decided to remind ourselves of some things that trully make us happy. The blog is run by Lynn (god knows I can't handle another blog lest I develop multiple personalities). I'm the secondary contributor catching a free ride (and I mean that in the classiest way conceivable). If you've got time laying around that's just wishing to be put to use, come visit us Where We Eat Glitter. It's likely that you'll find something there that would make you happy too. If nothing else, you could just have a laugh at some of the silly things we like.

While we're on the subject of list-making, I find that I'm always one of those that are just too lazy to make one up. I'd much rather read them instead. I mostly get my fix of list-reading from Listverse. They have some of the more obscure and alluring lists that I've come across. And what's more, if making lists are your type of thing, you might just submit one too. So everyone can be happy at Listverse. Perfect.

Unless something else pops up in my consciousness that absolutely has to intrude upon yours within the next 12 hours, that's all I have for you this Tuesday! See y'all real soon.
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