Thursday, 20 May 2010

Is It Friday Yet?

It might as well be! Thursday has unofficially ended. But, let me backtrack into the earlier hours of today (because Thursday is a day too, and we should do better than to overlook poor ole Thursday).

Somewhere along the second hour of lecture, I started to wonder how Mr Professor must have looked when he was younger. I imagined him to be a handsome young intellectual, with sideburns. Maybe he was athletic from the hints of previous muscles his arms suggest. Maybe he was a shirtless hippie with long flowing hair at one point of is life. Would he have tattoos? Yes, maybe -most hippies do. Maybe in his youth, he was an attractive, intelligent, and lively man.

He's old now, he sweeps his hair across his head to cover the barrenness of his cranial mid-section. And the only thing that remains is his intelligence. The liveliness is most definitely gone. Listening to the things he teaches in class makes you realize just how little you know. I've a long way to go before being the object of someone else's in-class daydreaming of I-wonder-hows.

Until then, it's really just a fun race to the finish.

Thank you Friday for coming so soon. I've got so much to learn over the weekend.
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