Thursday, 6 May 2010

Keep Calm And Please Stop The Mass Production

A couple of us here have been wondering about the slogan: Keep Calm and Carry On.
(I actually thought it was a Juicy Couture tag line because of the crown. But no, that was not so. Haha!)

So after a swift consultation with Google, I'm here to report to you that this more-than-slightly overused slogan was actually a never-been-used British WWII propaganda slogan from 1939. Created by Britain's Ministry of Information, the posters were intended only as a final resort for boosting British morale should the Nazis succeed in taking Britain. And unless we all have been taught lies in school, we all know that the Nazi's ambitious attempt at taking Britain was at best a good try, but in essence an epic fail. The slogan was revived in 2000 by its reprinting and its re-issue to private sector companies. Thanks to that, we now have an out-of-control array of its derivatives. Oh, what a headache..

Now, you know.
That should start Thursday off on the right foot, don't you think? Maybe we can all together just keep calm and wish the slogan away. Maybe. Haha. Have a good one today guys.
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