Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Long Weekends

It's been such a wonderful long weekend. I've never met Queen Victoria before, but I think I could love her. Isn't it just amazingly morbid that people celebrate the birthday of someone dead with such unabashed enthusiasm? Maybe I would enjoy my birthday with more sincerity had a country declared it a public holiday too. A girl can wish.

Canada love long weekends (Fact: Canada has a long weekend once every month). Canadians take most of their holidays very conveniently on Fridays and Mondays. It's not a joke. But feel free to laugh anyways. There's pretty much nothing to hate about long weekends. If you do hate them, you're probably something along the lines of satanic.

I'm on my way to do more productive things today; but lucky you, I caught a cute boy watching this video on his laptop (he is apparently supposed to be 'e-mailing his mom'). And now I get to share it with you.

I love lego. And fast talking. Cheers to distractions! Goodbye.
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