Saturday, 29 May 2010

On Boys: Partie Deux

The last time we had a post about boys, some of you blew your whistle loud enough to warrant my attention. So here is partie deux of some things you folks thought boys needed knowing as well. While these things may not necessarily be important, they do help add the double + to the A in A++ractive. Okay, lets go.

1. Wearing a watch

It's like wearing a bracelet that is practical. More seriously, it makes a boy look in-control for some unexplainable reason.

2. Having a camera

Any type will do. The point is that girls like the "au natural/candid" pictures that are unexpectedly taken of them (because girls can't wait to show them off (on their Facebook/Myspace/Flickr profiles). Oh, you know its true.

3. Access to a vehicle

Having a vehicle will make you popular with your girl and your friends. This has very little to do with materialism. It has everything to do with being lazy. And convenience.

4. Carrying a wallet

So you'll know where your money is at... Or where it's not at (in which case you'd have to start working your winning charm on overdrive to keep your girl happy).

5. Carrying a backpack
Men should NOT be carrying a girl's handbag. If chivalry still compels you to take the load off your girl, stick the purse in your backpack... where it's hidden away from public eyes. Keep some dignity boys.

A backpack also comes in handy for summer adventures, especially when a vehicle is unavailable. Girls will appreciate you more for letting them dump their things in your backpack.

6. Wearing a belt

There are so many functional reasons to wearing a belt. For one thing, it stops your pants from falling any further than it has to. Overexposure makes you look awkward.

7. Forgetting to be shy
Nothing says careful confidence like taking a stab at doing something special for somebody else, even if you know you might not be particularly good at doing it. Vulnerability always looks its best when accompanied with a little courage.

8. Having a job this summer

A job will always make you look good with the ladies. ✓responsibility, and ✓rationality. And not to mention that now you'll have something to fill your time and wallet with.

9. Breathing room in your jeans

This looks excruciatingly painful. Oh boy, why are you trying to hurt yourself?

Do you not see how much happier you can be with jeans that fit you proper?

10. Having a well functioning grab-and-go jacket
A grab-and-go jacket is a jacket you grab as a failsafe when you're rushing out the door. You need to make sure beforehand that your grab-and-go jacket is generic enough to make you look good regardless of what you have on underneath. A well functioning grab-and-go jacket would both dress you up when you're underdressed and dress you down when you're overdressed.

(There's also nothing wrong with having a hoodie as a grab-and-go jacket. As long as it works, you're good to go.)
Brendon Urie's grab-and-go jacket changes every few months (as it should with the changing seasons). But they are on the most part AWESOME.

Bonus tip
Don't tweeze your eyebrows too much if you're in the habit of doing so. If you haven't noticed, you're tweezing your manly-ness away with every pluck...

Hope you boys and girls enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed compiling them. Thanks for helping me finish part 2 guys!
Catch y'all later.
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