Wednesday, 5 May 2010


To me, figure skating and rollerblading are the same in principle, only different in medium. But I guess figure skating is easier for spectators to like because it has physical boundaries (ice). And humans, by nature, love defining boundaries; it makes us feel safe. This is probably what makes one sport classy and the other a nuisance to most people.

Regardless, both sports make me go wow all the same.

Pursuit Of Happiness from Nick Brazinsky on Vimeo.

That aside, it blows my mind how many professions there are out there. It's hard to swallow the reality that we in fact have plenty to choose from. I suppose we're just really picky, and mostly low on the self-esteem to even consider some of them. I mean, professional yoyo player? What would people think, right? Hats off to the guys who will chase a dream no matter how much of a long-shot it is.

Here's a video of yoyo tricks from a pro. I think it's pretty darn fantastic. Enjoy the mid-week guys.

Did my time from Simone Capurro on Vimeo.
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