Sunday, 2 May 2010

Saving Mondays

Another week's a cometh my friends! Oh, how delightful. Or do you think that's too much to take on a Monday? Haha. But lets not forget that the famous "I don't like Mondays" quote came from the infamous teen shooter, Brenda Spencer who opened fire at Cleveland Elementary school children and staff from across the street in 1979. A little factlet here:
  1. The quote apparently inspired the song of the same name by Boomtown Rats.
  2. And was a banner that appeared in The Breakfast Club.
Oh what a morbid way to start the week. But fear not, I've got something for you guys that could maybe help with some of the blues. Some art pieces by a Malaysian artist, Chow Hon Lam, will perk you right up! Like coffee to an addict. His work gives voice to things that don't have any, with some very laugh-worthy results.

Check out what his FM365 project is all about by clicking here.

What's more, I found a blog that is very cleverly crammed with funny things. This Blog Rules. Really, it does. It's a pretty safe bet that your Monday can be saved by the contents of this blog. Here's to hoping for the best! And the cherry on top is a stop motion video (that comes attached with a fantastic song). How awesome is that?! Haha. Please enjoy your Monday when it comes. It would please us all very much so.

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