Sunday, 6 June 2010

Alex Day: Lets Mock It Like It's Hot

Apart from being slightly amused, I'm not too impressed with the movies. Though, I realise that it would be very unfair for me to nonchalantly dismiss the Twilight series as being borderline crappy before checking out the book itself. I'm not at all committed to actually reading the book, so imagine my delight when I found out Alex Day on Youtube is actually reading it out loud to his viewers. Not only do I not have to read the book and have someone else read it to me, but I also get to enjoy the company of Alex's clever wit and his instant reaction to what is being read. Alex makes the Twilight story more bearable considering that I find the plot, characters, and prose verging on blah.

I must let you know though that I do not mean any malice in not liking Twilight. It is not a well written book (I've read it a little) and I just find the love affair ridiculously tiresome. Perhaps if it was written better, I would have found it a little bit more illuminating. I still watch the movies though; because it is funny to watch shiny vampires and depressed teenagers stare painfully into each others eyes while jealous wolves ache for the next opportunity to rip their shirts off.
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