Monday, 14 June 2010

Roughing It For The Summer

The boys I know are sporting army accessories this spring and summer. I don't think they pay too much attention to their spending patterns. But I do think that these boys are subconsciously buying things that help them gear up for boyish summer adventures.
Chris will be our fine specimen for today. Chris got himself this original Swiss Army rucksack late last winter in lieu of spring and summer. And did I mention that he uses a Luftwaffe helmet fashioned after the German Air Force in WW2 as his bicycle helmet?
I happen to think that his helmet is really fantastic! If you like, you can check out Fatigues Army Navy Surplus Gear Co. They sell almost everything military from the US and Europe surpluses (including the vintage-original piles). The best thing about buying original army gear (vintage or not), is that durability, comfort, and safety are pretty much thrown into the deal as a guarantee.

Have a good Monday guys, and I hope you're all summer-adventure-ready for wherever you're headed.
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