Monday, 7 June 2010

Singing Forever Young


Canadians are not very big on soccer. But where I come from, soccer pretty much trumps everything else. So it was quite the ironic moment when I found out The Coca Cola Theme Song for 2010's FIFA World Cup is (would-you-believe-it?!) a song hailing from a Somali-Canadian known as K'NAAN (He is a really impressive musician; hip hop has never appealed to be this sincerely poetic to me).

The original set of Wavin' Flag peaked at #2 in the Canadian Hot 100. It was re-released as a collaboration set by Canadian supergroup for charity under the name Young Artists For Haiti (debuted at #1). And then Coca Cola came along to milk the song for all it's worth. I have no complaints though. I especially love their Wavin' Flag celebration mix —it gets me to start dancing each time it plays. Here are the bilingual releases for 2010 FIFA World Cup:

Arab world version
with Nancy Ajram from Lebanon
Latin world version
with David Bisbal from Spain
Francophone version
with Féfé from France

There are plenty more bilingual versions (ChineseBrazillianIndonesianJapanese etc.), but this blog can only accommodate so much. I am quite excited for the coming World Cup! Yes, my dad has taught me well.
That's it for me today. See y'all soon.
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