Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Structure Of A Paragraph

I always feel smarter after studying.

Topic sentence: When you wear glasses, you'll always seem smarter.

Your example:
Remember to elaborate: We become smarter when we learn. Sometimes that would involve hardcore studying. Sometimes your smartness will be judged. Most times you will pass. Other times you will fail. Sometimes you can just fake it. And when you do fake it, remember to wear your glasses. It gives you the confidence to BS* your way out of anything. You're therefore invincible, which makes you one fine looking smart ass.

It's a hot sunny Sunday. That's pretty sweet.
Good luck to everyone taking their exams right now. And to those who feel down for no special reason and are just plain miserable by nature, believe it or not, your misery loves my company —which is pretty sweet too.

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