Tuesday, 15 June 2010

To Bee

What are you supposed to do when a bee is buzzing at your neck?! I had absolutely no clue until this afternoon. Be warned that whatever you read after this point holds no scientific nor the slightest academic credibility. It is based solely on the instincts evoked by a near life experience of a clueless Miss.

When in the unfortunate position of having a busy bee buzzing 'bout your neck, try keeping your head levelled and gracefully continue walking —meaning don't jerk about like a piece of beef— by taking ginormous, swift-like steps until you're bee-free. The poor ole bee probably thought I smelled wonderfully sweet like a charming little flower.

I thought of The Bee Movie. I thought of Sheryl Crow's cover of The Beatles' Here comes the sun. I thought of how perfectly summer the stalking bee was beeing. I hope you make your quota of honey today dear bee. Have a good Tuesday.
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