Thursday, 17 June 2010

We'll Always Come Back To The Things We Love


Everyone's packing for summer vacation. And I'm off flying again. I'll see you guys when I get to the otherside! Have a good summer boys & girls and those in betweens! I'll try to keep the blog up to speed. But I'll be outside playing. Mostly. 

Have you ever read Ralph Waldo Emerson's essays or poetry?  If you haven't, shame on you. Anyways, the dead-philosopher-talking today said:
In order to learn the important lessons in life, one must, each day, surmount to fear. 

So there you go, I hope my fear of flying will keep still for the long haul flight.

*Questions have been piling up on formspring. I'm sorry for the tardiness, but that's just how I roll. Haha! I'll get to the bottom of the lot in a bit, so check back in for them answers. See y'all!
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