Friday, 9 July 2010

Dirty Little Secrets

Put make-up on a pig.

Still a pig.

Dear Pig, with more practice, you can learn to wear better make-up. You'll still be a pig, but no one else will have to know that you are. It can be your dirty little secret. We won't tell a soul.

It's ironic how people these days post secrets online anonymously. The kind of irony that defeats the purpose of a secret: to remain publicly undisclosed. The secrets revealed on PostSecret are dysfunctional at best. But it's in the nature of secrets to be that way, else they wouldn't need to be secret would they? 

I'll bet you have a dirty little secret. It's no secret that a secret isn't really a secret until one other person knows about it. But there's no need to worry yourself silly about backstabbing friends; It's diaries people should really worry about.

These sleeping dogs won't lie.
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