Thursday, 9 September 2010

Class Is In Session

How does one write an introductory blurp about oneself without it turning out like a well thought cliché from a cheap newspaper dating advertisement?
Single fantastic female? 
Likes walking by the beach and adores candlelit dinners? 
Falls easily in love with people who like pies? 
And it could end with an 
If you gave her a chance, she would love to show you 
how good she thinks she is with a karaoke machine.

Oh look at all that cheese! I could taste it in my mouth! I should of course give it another go. This is for a sociology class, if you were wondering. Yes, I'm blessed with classes full of all the fun stuff; you should most indefinitely be jealous. Well, not really.

Other than that, the boys from UO are back with a proper video. They clean up pretty good, I must say.

You think I'm lazy. That's very true. But I am also pretty tired from school. So lets call it a night? À tout à l'heure!

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