Thursday, 23 September 2010

Here We Go Again

Is it sad that I admire Demi Lovato? 
I've tried to dislike her many times before —because of her Jonas Brothers association (they can't sing!) and her Disney-to-superstardom track (think Hilary Duff, Selena Gomez)— but it was not to be. Her voice on it's own is great; I actually laugh when I watch Sonny with a Chance; I think she's really pretty; And I like how she looks in 85 percent of the clothes she dresses herself in. But the most admirable of it all is how confident she is of her own abilities when she gets up on stage to rock it. She sings like it's naturally what people are supposed to do when they open their mouths —she makes talking look stupid. And she doesn't even have to try.
I personally love dressing smart-casual, and Demi effortlessly pull off that look a lot. Anyways, I love that she collaborated on this song with We The Kings. She looks like a pro.

I'm so happy tomorrow's Friday. Haha! Adieu!

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