Monday, 27 September 2010

Maybe This Won't Be My Weekend

Hey guys, I am absolutely knackered right now. I'm tryin to recall my weekend despite the buzzing in my ears:

I remember watching Easy A.
Awesome movie. 
You should catch it.

I remember The Town
Ben Affleck movie, ergo it sucked. 
Don't watch it unless you hate yourself.

I remember horrible techno music. 
Techno should crawl into a sock drawer and die. 

I remember having had too much Red Bull
And a splitting headache.

I remember a play.
Yes, I engage in clever and cultured activities.
Once in a while.

And I've remembered I have an essay to write,
French assignments to complete,
And shit-loads of readings,
I have 2 mid-terms next week!??
Somebody please tell me: Where do these things come from!!?
Oh crap.

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