Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Purple is the order of the day in support of Spirit Day. This is society's reaction to LGBT bullying. We don purple to tell each other how much we despise what bullies do and how greatly we support victims of bullying. The tragedy of losing lives to teen suicides due to LGBT bullying/harassments have inspired a new wave of take-action movements. Excuse my scepticism here, but what does wearing purple actually mean to victims of bullying? Awareness, you say, but even that means nothing. The people with the authority to stop the bullying doesn't do nearly enough. I wish I was wrong and I wish I could be more optimistic with my opinions, but that is the truth. All the purple in the world will not even begin to heal a broken person. It is not enough to say you tried.

Bang Bang You're Dead (2002). Disclaimer: he actually saves his bullies from a school shooting launched by his friends.
I recommend you watch the entire movie.

To all of those being bullied out there, please believe that it gets better. I can't stop the monsters you face, but I can tell you to hang in there. I held out and I pray that you would too. Being bullied is a very lonely place to be, but the loneliness is temporary. I thank god every day that adolescence only lasts for so long and the people I go to school with is not for ever. We grow older and we grow bolder until the day comes where you can leave those monsters behind and start actually living. You will learn that they had no right torturing you; you will learn to appreciate the efforts of the people who tried to understand; and you will learn to run, fast and hard. It gets better.

Nobody ever asks to be bullied. Certainly, no-one deserves to be bullied. Bullying is a gross intrusion of a person's rights to being. Now tell me, when will bullies learn that?
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