Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Bias Of Education

I found this somewhere in the outer reaches of the world wide web today:

Well hey, your English is quite good considering..
Considering what my friend? Might I ask?

It's okay o ye Westerners, it's not a crime to assume. Ignorance happens to the best of us; these moments of ignorance will pass, we alter our perceptions, and then we move on. I'm quite certain that Asians too have some preconceived ideas of what it means to be a Westerner —lets all thank Hollywood for that! As far as I'm concerned regarding stereotypes, you are here to prove me wrong, and I you. It's very exciting if you think about it, as education should ideally be. Also, I should clarify that I don't necessarily agree with everything that is said in the typograph above. I actually find some of the phrasing to be quite obnoxious, but that's just me.

Mean Girls is actually the perfect movie to watch right about now.

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