Sunday, 31 October 2010

Life's No Fun Without A Good Scare


Me: What are you boys supposed to be?
Blue Boy: Mpfft tmhtfphh, mphhmphtft.

Me: Thank you for putting your helmet on.
Stormtrooper: Was it that bad without?
(No, you were actually kind of cute Mr. Stormtrooper)

Zombie: ARRRGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

This is the best time of the year:

If you're not actually a Wiccan witch or wizard (or warlock?), Halloween can be pretty straightforward: 
you may dress up to collect candy (if you're a child), you can dress up to hit parties and get drunk (if you're not a child), 
or you can choose to scare yourself with cult horror films and haunted houses (if you're on the most parts jaded).

More riveting is the Day of the Dead. You don't dress up for this celebration. Instead, you'd pray for the dead if you were Mexican. November 1st honours the deaths of children and infants, whilst November 2nd is reserved for the commemoration of deceased adults. November 1st is also the Christian's celebration of All Saints' Day in honour of all Saints
(excluding the girl pop band).

And of course, there is always the irony of birthday celebrations amongst all the celebration for the dead. Nobody really likes November that much because exams loom around corners and assignments align themselves in cute little panic-piles. But lighten up my friends; November only has 30 days. Did you know that International Men's day falls on 19th November? I've been told that men sport a moustache in November in the spirit of Movember: a fund raising event for men's health issues. Another equivalent in USA and Canada is Novembeard. I am dead serious.
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