Wednesday, 6 October 2010

It's Pretty Hard To Keep My Feet On The Ground

I would like at least once in my youth, to watch Mcfly at Wembley. It must feel incredible to be in an epic crowd, singing epic songs played by an epic band in an epic arena!

I keep watching these videos the whole time thinking how crazy amazing the crowd is. They just seem to keep feeding off the great live performance before them. I'm actually slightly worried that my mind would explode from the awesome that is Mcfly's live shows. Because it is a fact that their songs sung live more than often sound better than the album itself. This performance of 5 colours in her hair is phenomenal (if you don't know, 5 colours was Mcfly's first ever single released 6 years ago). How did these guys know finishing with the national anthem would make a rock show all the more epic? Seriously, my mind would blow if I wasn't separated by the reality of my computer screen.

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