Thursday, 16 December 2010

Hello Comma, Are You Lost?

I must remind you, random blog-reading people, that the comma is a poor little misused punctuation. It often gets lost in sentences or even completely left out. It needs your help to find its way around words & phrases and such so that its existence has meaning. It separates 2 independent thoughts that are fully capable of standing on their own, but instead, prefer to remain together in a single sentence. It's a lot like this biscuit/juice box below: they are fully capable of standing alone in separate boxes, but they prefer to remain in a combined container. You also place commas when you name lists: juice, biscuits, and nutella.

Could you do English (the language) a solid favour and help your commas find their right places in the world? It would make for better prose and lesser cringing. In other words, the world would be a significantly better place.

On a side note, writing 5 eight-page essays in a week is an experience I would die from if I didn't stop myself from killing myself. It is all done now, and once again, I find myself rushing through packing my bags at the eleventh hour. Nothing fits better right now than a quote from Oasis:

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