Saturday, 11 December 2010

What's The Point In Sleeping?


Have you watched it? Yeah, neither have I. Haha. I haven't got time, alright? There're more important things to do out there, like doing grown up stuff and reading about the possible nutritional benefits of candy floss (which is none, FYI). Also, I just realised the reason I'm not too hot about Harry marrying Ginny was because I didn't like the actress that plays the character. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think the movies sort of ruined the reading experience for me (which is sad because the books are very well-written). I barely even finished the 5th book, and instead got my very helpful sister to summarize the rest for me. I'm lazy and she's funny. She stutters the first word of her sentences like a semi-automatic gun whenever she gets excited: "The the the the Dumbledore's Army...." Oh but, I still love you, sister. YOU SO KEWT..

I'm just being greedy right now stealing some blog-time. I've still got 2 exams and can't wait for all the bingeing that comes after. A little like bulimia, but more all-encompassing in terms of base coverage. Everybody knows that it's not always all about the food.
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