Thursday, 6 January 2011

How To Be Indie (In Twelve Steps)

Step one: Become skinny

Step two: Fit into a pair of skinny girl jeans

Step three: Find a plaid shirt

Step four: Discover vegetarianism

Step five: Get a clever artistic tattoo. Or pierce something.

Step six: Find more plaid shirts

Step seven: Buy vintage (looking) shoes

Step eight: Listen to indie music that your other non-indie-looking friends still don't know about

Step nine: Develop a photo-taking obsession with polaroids (and other artistic or vintage cameras)

Step ten: Have photo-shoots of yourself at really underrated locations where few people visit/know of.

Step eleven: Don't forget your oversized plastic (lensless) frames and cool sunglasses

Step twelve: Stop looking like you give a damn

Achieving the 12 steps will consequently make you a cool indie chick/lad, a.k.a hipster. Also, don't forget to roll up your pant legs, accessorize with bands, and get an indie haircut (or just mess it up stylishly. Whatever.)

Even Harry Potter & Co. are doing it. You will also find that you'll eventually embrace vegan-ism. You are now a skinny kid with skinny-kid problems, but you are constantly too high to worry about any balancing of diets. You are very scene. Now everybody envies you. Also, you are supposed to be annoyed and offended when people yell HIPSTER at you, even though you know it's true and you look awesome in your hipster clothes. Haha! Cheer up guys. It's almost Friday.
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