Saturday, 1 January 2011

Some Days All I Do Is Watch The Sky

21 Random Things learnt from 2010:
  1. Falling in love builds character. Or something philosophical like that.
  2. There is only one operational ATM in Antarctica.
  3. If something is hard, drop it like it's 3rd period Social Theorizing.
  4. GPA is for ever
  5. Boys are not. Unfortunately.
  6. Most friends are unnecessary mess you don't really want to deal with.
  7. The boy who plays Kick-Ass is British; a.k.a Robbie from Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging. OHMYGOD!
  8. There is still no cure for cancer. Or AIDS.
  9. Indie boys are really skinny because they traded their stomachs in for expensive vintage crap. They look very scene, but have one less organ.
  10. It's tickle-y business painting on your own skin.
  11. Red Bull has ginseng in it as energy boosters.
  12. Shopping alone trumps waiting around for crappy hungover friends.
  13. It sounds very civilized to be called a Miss or Mademoiselle.
  14. Thomas means "twin."
  15. People actually get disgusted at you for not liking to watch Forest Gump. No one ever asks why.
  16. Growing up just means being able to climb bigger trees.
  17. Wednesdays are also known as Hump-days. Everything gets easier after the hump.
  18. Caps are a boy's way of saying "I'm too lazy to touch my hair today." He also probably hasn't showered yet.
  19. Most twins don't have rhyming names. Wretched little lies they are.
  20. We must not confuse le poisson et le poison.
  21. Sometimes we wake up, and the pain is gone. People change, and hearts move on.

2010 hasn't been the best year, but it wasn't all that bad either. Happy New Year everybody. 2011? Whatever. We eat years like hot fries 'round here. Have a good one, guys.
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