Sunday, 27 February 2011

I Love Potatoes

Better not let my favourite girls back home see this. They might end up being awkward trying to eat the road. But, it's perfectly understandable though, to be obsessed about potatoes. Potatoes are the King of Tubers. They are the next most important food crop after corn, wheat, and rice. They are so good, astronauts even brought and grew potatoes in Space on the space shuttle Columbia. This vegetable even got a year to itself in 2008 with International Year of the Potato, initiated by the UN to raise awareness about the importance of potatoes. And you thought I was joking.

potato from Aram on Vimeo.

French Fries was first introduced to America by Thomas Jefferson, when he served it at a Whitehouse dinner. I wonder if guests used their fingers to eat them or a fork & knife maybe? But, well done Mister Jefferson. I don't know about you lot, but I'm beginning to like a lot of people named Thomas. I think thomaspudge would have loved eating fries. RIP in your porcelain heaven dear tommy.

I bet you this boy's name is Tommy too.
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