Thursday, 24 February 2011

Never Getting Old

It was late last night and I was perusing the internet when I found this on my friend's blog.

I thought "OHH YEEAH! I AM FCKING QUOTABLE." I briefly showered myself with some heavy duty narcissism before I moved on. I also went to this website because I was told that it gives well informed suggestions to where in this big, big world I should visit. According to it, the next ten places I should go to (as soon as I've made some money) are:

Sounds great, don't you think? I want to make this happen. I like how they churned out France first. Looks like my jedi mind trick finally worked. I am thrilled.

I also took some time to learn hobo shorthand. Just in case I accidentally become a hobo in the future. If being a girl scout/brownie ever taught me anything, it's to always be prepared. T'was a good, nerdy night.
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