Sunday, 13 February 2011

Romancing in Romanticism

Based on past failed attempts at having a relationship, I think I may have figured out the type of boys I'm attracted to.

They're usually funny. Very. Funny.
They usually have dark hair.
They usually start of clean shaven.
They usually own a wicked pair of sneakers/shoes that pulls me in like crack to an addict.
They usually read a lot. Sometimes it's clever like The Odyssey, other times geeky like Comics.
They're usually really good at lying, with hilarious results.
They're usually awkward. And they live for awkward moments.
They usually have cool hobbies that I wish I'm good at too.
And, I usually like them in glasses & with a watch. But that's just my idiosyncratic preference.

I think some of these actually explains my fancy for characters like Seth Cohen, Timothy McGee (this one's blonde), and Neal Caffrey. Their brand of funny just makes me swoon, it's very charming.
Well Happy Valentine's Day to anyone who celebrates it! I happen to think it is a commercial holiday with no real strong myth behind it —apart from being frivolously tied to the Roman Cupid and sketchy stories about St. Valentine. It is ironic for a romantic holiday to lack enduring romanticism in its myth, don't you think? You know me, I like a good story. It makes for good story-telling.
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