Monday, 14 March 2011

Girl Crush

I don't know why, nor do I attempt to unravel why it is that I'm not really partial to female celebrities. I'm usually indifferent towards them unless they do something really fantastical to make me actually like them. I have preferences, of course —like: I definitely prefer Kourtney Kardashian to Kristen Stewart, even though I don't actually like them per se. On the most part I'm disinterested. However, there are exceptions:

Name: Emma Roberts.
Profession: Actress, and being a lovely looking human being.
Description: I adore her. I watch all her movies, no matter how bad they are. I think that maybe, I just like looking at her. My favourite movie in her repertoire so far is It's Kind Of A Funny Story. I'd recommend you read the book first (BECAUSE THE BOOK IS BEYOND AWESOME).

Name: Jess Bowen 
Profession: Drummer of The Summer Set
Description: She is gorgeous, especially behind her drum set. Jess Bowen is the reason why I don't mind being mistaken so much for a filipino while in North America. I think that I like the idea of saying she hits her drums harder than most boys could, without having it be metaphoric. I'd absolutely FANGIRL all over her if I met her in person 'cause I think she's just cool all around.

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Name: Anne Hathaway
Profession: Actress, Disney Princess, and being magical.
Description: I have a mad girl crush on Anne Hathaway. She is stunning to say the least. And she's curiously very adept at playing transformatory roles. She makes me feel like anything's possible, no matter how improbable. (She's like the living embodiment of the Disney Mythology)

Name: Demi Lovato
Profession: Actress, Singer, Song-writer, aka bona fide Rock Chick.
Description: Her voice is amazing. And she sells the roles she play unexpectedly well. Her talent shows naturally without her having to put in much effort. But she does, and the effect of that is her talent overwhelms people, herself included. Plus, she has excellent taste in printed T-shirts. 

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