Saturday, 26 March 2011

Looking to the Bright Side

It is still snowing outside today, but I feel like it's spring already on the inside.

It is the attitude that matters. 

Though, it is quite difficult when I am actually happy, because my face doesn't really show much other than "do-I-look-like-I-care?" verging on "I'm-in-pain." So, everybody just assumes I'm unhappy all the time; I am some times, but not all the time. I apologize for confusing people. You could just ask next time! The worst I could do is spew sarcasm — kind of like the way nature did by throwing a little more snow on us when I asked if spring was here yet this morning. Like spring, many other whimsy things like hiding under the pretence of frigidity. They can't help it; this is just how nature is sometimes, you know?

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