Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Ten Things You Should Know About Space

1. The first song beamed into space is Across the Universe by The Beatles. Very apt. Well done, NASA.

2. McFly's song Star Girl was also beamed into space for astronauts (and obviously, other aliens) to listen to.

3. The Moon is slowly creeping away from the Earth. But, not to worry, it's not leaving anytime soon, the smart people at NASA are very reassuring of this.

4. Our moon's name is The Moon. And our sun's name is The Sun; though, somebody bought The Sun. So it's technically her sun, not ours. Right.

5. Wherever you are in the world, the size of The Moon is never bigger than the size of your thumb from the perspective of where you're standing.

6. Soil from Mars can be closely replicated here on Earth. The soil of the Atacama Desert in Chile resembles Martian soil.

7. The Earth is not perfectly spherical. It has a bulge that is caused by gravity.

8. All the planets in our solar system rotates anti-clockwise except Venus. Venus doesn't spin. NO, I'm only joking. Venus spins clockwise, of course.

9. There are 3 golfballs on The Moon. Astronomer Alan Shepard hit them on the Apollo 14 mission; I'm sure his actions have some scientific value ....

10. Uranus is the most mispronounced planet in our solar system. It's pronounced Yoor-ra-nus, not Your-A-nus. Stop this ignorance; accents matter in words too. You wouldn't say Ju-Pee-ter would you? No, because that's not how it's meant to sound like.

    I'll bet you're wondering why should you know these stuff about space? Well, because it's fun to know random obscure things of course. At the very least, you'll know 10 things the next person you meet probably don't. At first impressions, it makes people think you're actually interesting, or intelligent even. Isn't that nice?

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