Friday, 25 March 2011

Things I Didn't Use To Know

I'm originally from the tropics. So it's not entirely shocking that I know squat about North Country when I first came to Canada. But, I am well on my way to being versed in the ways of the North, you will see, albeit in baby steps.

Hello snow bank: When shovelling snow off the pavement, you deposit it at your snow bank. This is usually on your lawn, or next to the road.

Hello salt, sand, & gravel: Blue salt grains usually run havoc on the pavements; kitty litter and gravel are also thrown in for good measure. Friction is your friend; it doesn't let you down the way gravity does.

Hello winter jacket: This is the jacket that actually functions. It keeps you warm at minus thirty degrees celsius without breaking a sweat.

Hello slush: This is melting snow. It resembles the brain-freezing slushies readily available at your corner store. It is messy and verges on yucky. Do not walk too fast. Do not fall.

Hello pop: They call it pop (in Canada). Not soda. You're speaking funny if you say soda.

Hello garbage & trash: Repeat, not rubbish.

Hello skin: You get used to the cold, really, provided you don't spend all day outside & it's not colder than -20℃ with wind chill. This is CANADA son.

Hello winter sports: The only real reason to love winter.

Hello Tim Hortons: The day only starts after I've had my double double. Gonna go get Timmy's.

Hello burning sun: Although I come from where there's so much sun, the effects of The Sun is amplified here. The temperature changes dramatically under the sun vis-a-vis the shade for all seasons. In the summer, the sun especially burns into your skin. Hello hats, spf 50, and moisturizer.

Hello boots: Boots keep your feet warm. Knee high boots especially keep you warm when you're wearing a dress. I never understand how people could wear boots in the tropics. Never.

Hello winter traffic: Where traffic signs don't exist and the lines are made up.

Hello powder: New, white fluffy snow. The best kind of snow to snowboard, ski, make snowmen, & have snowball fights with.

That is all for now. It's only 6 in the morning and I'm already all out of juice today. Have a good weekend everybody.

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