Saturday, 5 March 2011

What About

Am I the only person who gets stumped at the About Me category of every social networking site I sign up to? It's probably not too difficult to condense superficially what you are into a few words, but therein lies the problem of people assuming that is all that you are. I think it's likely that a lot of us are more interesting stories than just clever one-liners or a string of "likes." Which leads me to conclude that About Me(s) are silly.

Here are just 3 things you couldn't have possibly known about me (unless you are my sister):    
I never could swim straight; always in a curve.
I wrote from right to left & in mirror image when I was younger.
I was ordered by my jaw specialist to stop talking so much.

I am about a lot of ridiculous stories. And I'm pretty sure you are too.
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