Friday, 22 April 2011

Imagine a Time Where There’s Time Left to Take

I just watched Jesse McCartney on Law & Order: S.V.U (season 9) playing a pissed off boyfriend whose girlfriend had got pregnant with someone else while they were both supposedly vowed into chastity. And let me just tell you guys, I was straight up conflicted between being sorry for the poor boy and being sneakily pleased with the result of his wicked conniving. After I deliberated my dilemma over an ice-cream sandwich, I settled with feeling pleased.

Also, I couldn't stop missing my friend today, so I crawled into a corner and edited a video of her. It was very therapeutic. Happy merry un-birthday Missy!

You know what else would be therapeutic? SHOPPING. I'm just saying.

I also have a burning question at hand: How do you wish someone a Good Friday? Have a good Good Friday? Have a wonderful Good Friday? Have a Good Friday (with emphasis on GOOD)? Happy Good Friday? Yes, that sounds very right. Happy Good Friday everyone.
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