Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I Forgot What It Actually Means To Be a Friend

A lesson in humility:
Not everything is about you. And not everything has to be about you. Knowing the difference between the two makes all the difference. One is fact, and the other, is about choice. Sometimes, getting over yourself is something you just have to do for the people you love. It's not that your problems don't exist, but that there exists people right now who suffer far greater and intensely than you do.

It's hard to learn lessons that take blows to the ego. It makes you small. And nobody ever tells you that being small is alright —But I think it is. I don't believe that Strength is about being the last one standing. Because when you're the last one standing, you're standing alone, and what use is it to fight for such an end? I don't know what Strength is about. But I know we're all just trying to survive. I also know that surviving means nothing if you can't comfort the people that has helped build you.

I wish I had properly listened to what my bestfriend was trying to tell me before.
I've let you down and I am truly sorry.
I'm listening.
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