Friday, 29 April 2011

Royally Flushed

I woke up at midnight to watch the royal wedding at 3am. And can I just say that it was entirely worth it? My heart skipped awkwardly while I was watching Kate in her wedding dress. I think it's so lovely & it reminded me so much of Grace Kelly's wedding dress! I love Grace Kelly.
I never thought I'd like Kate, but I do now. Maybe it's just how enchanting she was in that dress. Maybe it's all the secret glances she & her Prince keep stealing from each other. She's just so unassumingly graceful  & unpretentious today. And can I just say that I also happen to think that her mother and bridesmaid-sister had better dress sense than about 4/5ths of all the aristocrats, dignitaries, and celebrities there with their silly hats? Which just goes to show that money & entitlement does not guarantee you grace, class, or sensibility.
... maybe they lost a bet?

I hope Kate & William will love until they grow old together, just like the Queen & Prince Philip.
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