Saturday, 23 April 2011

We Request The Highest of Fives

Though I haven't yet decide why, I am very pleased with whoever it was that thought of placing vanilla in between the chocolate and strawberry on the neapolitan ice-cream. The sequence Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry just makes me unusually happy. Ice-cream didn't always use to have cream, you know?  It started as just snow (ice) and syrup. That's like snow cones, or slushies!
Also, someone just surprised me with an inspiration book. It's a book that's supposed to inspire miserable people like me into doing inspired things, you know, like getting out of bed before lunchtime; and brushing my teeth after curry; also maybe to stop yelling at birds.
Today's pep cheer is: Higher Fives. I'm more of a fist bumper but, okay. Lets aim for a short-term end to procrastination. Maybe we can have an ice-cream treat after. High Five. Wow, optimism sure feels strangely hopeful.

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